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- "Chronicles Of Tyrrany & Blood" - 7,0 EURO
- CD - Totenkopf Propaganda Prods - First official Tribute to Polish Heathen Legend: Arkona/ Pol, Der Sturmer/ Hellas, Nokturnal Mortum/ Ukr, Satanic Warmaster/ Fin, Bannerwar/ Hellas, Taranis/ Vinland, etc (11 tks/ 73 mins)

- "Seven Burning Churches" - 7,0 EURO  - ALBUM 2016 -
- CD - More Hate Prods - A tribute to godfathers of the death metal genre ! 11 Death/ Thrash/ Black Metal bands hailed from 6 countries (Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Italy): Pyre, Decease, Violentor, Bestiality, Hell Patrol, Septory, Terrör Striker, Sichgart, Grond, Castrum, Regressive. Produced by Igor Ignatchik (Belarus), designed by Askold (Russia), 12 pages booklet (11 tks/ 45 mins)

VADER (Poland)
- "Morbid Reich" - 8,0 EURO  - EDITION 2015 -
- CD - Witching Hour Prods - First time as separate CD! 3rd cult demo (1990) from Polish Death Metal-machine. "Morbid Reich" is acclaimed as one of the best selling death metal demos of all time (over 10,000 copies!). Limited re-edition'2015 with remastered sound. Jewel Case edition with 8 page booklet (6 tks/ 21 mins)
- "Necrolust" - 8,0 EURO  - EDITION 2015 -
- CD - Witching Hour Prods - First time as separate CD! Debut demo (1989) from Polish Death Metal-machine. "First official VADER demo. Never before professionally released." Limited re-edition'2015 with remastered sound. Jewel Case edition with 8 page booklet (4 tks/ 16 mins)
- "Future Of The Past" - 9,0 EURO  - EDITION 2015 -
- CD DIGIPACK - Witching Hour Prods - Re-edition of rare tribute-album (1996) of cover songs played by Polish Death Metal-veterans: covers of Sodom, Kreator, Terrorizer, Possessed, Dark Angel, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Anti-Nowhere League, Black Sabbath. Re-freshed graphic design, booklet (10 tks/ 32 mins)

- "Dolor" - 8,0 EURO
- CD - Stellar Winter Recs - re-edition'2005 of LP'2004 with new artwotk & 1 bonus track: Depressive Black Metal (5 tks + Burzum cover/ 40 mins)

VELD (Belarus)
- "Infested With Rats Life" -  7,0 EURORead Reviews ]
- CD - Fatal Ecstasy Prods - Re-edition of debut album'2002 from Belarussian creators of pure brutality: Death Metal with strong oldschool spirit, influenced by early Death, Pestilence, Vader. Incl. videoclip "Church Of Lies" for PC. Fatal Ecstasy release Cat.# KAOS002 (10 tks/ 34 mins)

 NEW - "Master Of Illusions" - 10,0 EURO
- CD - Velimor S/F - 3rd studio full-lenght "Повелитель Иллюзий" (2015) from old horde of Russian NS Pagan Metal: heavy & powerful. Original edition, self-financed by Velimor band. Incl. cover on Коловрат "Как Мы Боролись" (10 tks/ 38 mins)
- "Our World" - 9,0 EURO
- CD - White Records - 2nd album "Наш Мир" (2011) from old horde of Russian NS Pagan Metal: powerful sound in vein of Hate Forest. Original press on White Records (Ukraine). Feat. Troskjender (of Djur, Kroda) on drums (8 tks/ 33 mins)

VETCHE (ВЕЧЕ) (Ukraine/ members of Nokturnal Mortum, Lucifugum)
- "Vetche" - 12,99 EURO  - LAST COPY -
- CD - Nihilward Prods - Rarity for collectors! First time on CD legendary Ukrainian side-project with members of Nokturnal Mortum, Lucifugum. Official release authorized by Faunus of Lucifugum and Kniaz Varggoth, Saturious, Munruthel of Nokturnal Mortum.  Rare/ Sold out from label (4 tks/ 30 mins)

VIETAH (Belarus)
 SOLD OUT - "Czornaja Ćviĺ" - 8,0 EURO  - ALBUM 2015 -
- CD - Possession/ Stygian Crypt Prods - 4th studio album "Black Mold" (2015) of Atmospheric Black Metal from Belarus: deep melancholy, cold & melodies of Autumn. 8 page booklet (4 tks/ 45 mins)

VIKHR (ВИХРЬ) (Russia)
- "Veter Stuzhe" - 10,0 EURO
- CD - Der Schwarze Tod/ 7.62 Prod. - Debut album (2012) from the distant & frozen Ural mountains area (Tcheljabinsk region): harsh, violent Black Metal, strongly inspired by Norsk scene and BlazeBirth Hall. 12 page booklet.  Rare/ Sold out from label (7 tks/ 33 mins)

- "Amongst Mossy Stones..." - 8,0 EURO
- CD SPLIT - Der Schwarze Tod - Russian edition of new split-album "У камней замшелых..." (2013) between young hordes of Russian Black Metal. LTD 500, 16 page booklet (10 tks/ 63 mins)

- "Kälte, Schnee Und Eis - Rekapitulation Der Winterszeit" - 9,0 EURO
- CD - BadMoodMan Music - Dark Ambient/ Black Metal (LTD to 1000)
- "...und die Nacht kam Schweren Schrittes" - 9,0 EURO
- CD - Displeased Recs - Remastered re-edition'07 with new cover art & 1 before unreleased bonus track

VOID OF SILENCE (Italy/ members of Aborym, ex-Funeral Oration, Primordial)
- "Criteria Ov 666" - 7,0 EURO
- CD - Code666/ CD-Maximum - 2nd album (2002) of original Apocalyptic Funeral Doom/ Black Metal from Italy: album subtitle "Man's Godless system. Humanity's Animal Nature". VOS name is always hidden in the Shadow, but this album is "Masterpiece of Nihilism, Hatred and Death!" The Soundtrack to the Apocalypse! On vocals Malfeitor Fabban of Aborym, ex-Funeral Oration, ex-Malfeitor. Limited licensed edition, 8 page booklet (9 tks/ 51 mins)
- "Human Antithesis" - 7,0 EURO
- CD - Code666/ CD-Maximum - 3rd album (2004) of original mixture of Funeral Doom Metal/ Avant-garde Black and Industrial: sinister atmosphere and painfully-doomed mood, with tragic vocal performance by Alan "A.A. Nemtheanga" Averill (of Primordial, Twilight Of The Gods, Dread Sovereign). Limited licensed edition, 12 page booklet (6 tks/ 61 mins)

VOIDHANGER (Poland/ members of Infernal War, Iperyt, Massemord)
- "Wrathprayers" - 9,0 EURO
- CD - Witching Hour Prods - Debut album (2011) of Satanic & Infernal mixture of oldschool Black/ Thrash and Death Metal. THIS IS NOT ANOTHER RETRO TRAVEL BACK IN TIME ! THIS ALBUM WILL SIMPLY CRUSH YOU WITH ITS POWER ! TOTAL UNHOLY DEVASTATION ! Band formed in 2010 by wellknown persons on Polish metal-scene - Zyklon, Warcrimer (both from Infernal War and Iperyt) and Priest (Enclave, Massemord). Mastered in Hertz Studio (Vader, Behemoth) by Wiesławscy Bros. 2nd press as SuperJewelcase edition with booklet (9 tks/ 32 mins)

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