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ULVEGR (Ukraine/ members of Khors, Ygg, ex-Runes of Dianceht, ex-Nokturnal Mortum)
- "Arctogaia" - 10,0 EURO
- CD - Musical Hall - 2nd album (2012) from Kharkiv based Black Metal horde: lyrics by Kaldrad of BlazeBirth Hall. Feat. Zorn (of Djur, Kzohh) on guest vocal. Jewel-case edition with 8 page poster-booklet (6 tks/ 39 mins)
- "Where The Icecold Blood Storms" - 8,0 EURO
- CD - Stellar Winter/ Auto-Da-Fe - Debut album (2011) "Где Крови Льдяной Шторм/ Gde Krovi Ledyanoy Shtorm" of raw atmospheric Black Metal in vein of BlazeBirth Hall projects, Hate Forest: harsh and freezing cold storm of primordial hatred. Jewel-case edition with 8 page booklet, LTD 500 (6 tks/ 44 mins)

ULVHEDNER// GALDRER (Norway// Norway)
- "Ferdasyn// Trolldomsanger" - 7,0 EURO
- CD SPLIT - Northern Silence Prods - Double attack of Northern Black Metal (2006): Raw & majestic oldschool Black/Viking Metal (in vein of Windir, old Satyricon, Storm) with frontman Svein "Ildaar" Solvang (of Tristania), songs from succesful "Ferdasyn" demo'2005// and pure Black/Viking Metal with tales about Trolls. Original Jewelcase-edition(Cat.# NSP033), 4 page booklet (10 tks/ 44 mins)

URGEHAL (Norway/ members of Beastcraft, ex-Den Saakaldte, ex-Shining, Kvist, Sarkom, Trollfest, ex-Crest Of Darkness)
 NEW - "The Eternal Eclipse - 15 Years Of Satanic Black Metal" - 11,50 EURO
- CD - Agonia Recs - Sampler of rare and unreleased songs (2007) dated to 15 years of activity of Norwegian orthodox Black Metal (est. 1992): 5 before unreleased tracks from record-sessions for albums "Goatcraft Torment" and "Arma Christi", 4 tracks from rare vinyl releases "Demonrape" 7" (2005), "Satanisk Norsk Black Metal" Split w/ Beastcraft 7" (2007), "A Norwegian Hail To Von" 7" (2006). Jewelcase edition (Cat.# ARCD046), 16 page booklet incl. rare photos, details from band's history (9 tks/ 37 mins)
 NEW - "Atomkinder" - 11,50 EURO
- CD - Agonia Recs - Rare 3-th studio album (2001) of Norwegian orthodox Black Metal (est. 1992). Recorded by classic line-up: Trondr Nefas (RIP 2012), Enzifer и Uruz. Re-edition'2014 (Cat.# ARCD035), incl. covers on Kreator "Ripping Corpse" and Sepultura "Antichrist" (7 tks/ 28 mins)

URN (Finland/ members of ex-Barathrum, Desolate Shrine, Uhraus, The Crescent, Flame)
- "Soul Destroyers" - 9,0 EURO
- CD - Dynamic Arts/ Fono Ltd. - 3-th album (2008) of harsh & violent True Black/Thrash Metal: Goat & Blasphemy! Rare licensed edition with poster-booklet.  Rare/ Sold out from label (10 tks/ 47 mins)

URUK-HAI (Austria/ members of Ceremony Of Innocence, Eismond, Bonemachine, Wach)
- "Dragons Of War. LTD" - 8,0 EURO
- CD - Dragon's Breath Recs - 8-th full-length album (2005) from solo-project by Alexander "Hugin" Wieser: epic and majestic Pagan/Fantasy Black Metal with Ambient touch, for fans of Summoning, Elffor, Lord Wind. Original edition as AudioCD in DVD-box, LTD 1000 (5 tks/ 74 mins)

 SOLD OUT - "Diabolosis" - 7,0 EURO
- CD - R.I.P. Recs/ CD-Maximum - Debut album (1995) of USA-veterans of oldschool Death/Black Metal: raw, heavy and dark stuff with thrash metal-roots, under strong influence of Hellhammer, Celtic Frost. Limited licensed edition with updated artwork (9 tks/ 48 mins)

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