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 NEW - "Horizons..." - 8,0 EURO
- CD - CD-Maximum - 2-nd album "Горизонты..." (2003) of Russian legend of Pagan/ Folk Metal. Feat. Kaldrad on harsh vocals (of Branikald/ Nitberg). Feat. session drummer Munruthel (of Munruthel, Kolo, ex-Nokturnal Mortum). Artwork by Sigrun Hammerdottir. 8 page booklet with lyrics (8 tks/ 49 mins)
 NEW - "Folkstorm Of The Azure Nights" - 8,0 EURO
- CD - CD-Maximum - 3-rd album "Вольницей В Просинь Ночей" (2005) of Russian legend of Pagan/ Folk Metal. Feat. Kaldrad on harsh vocals (of Branikald/ Nitberg). Artwork by Njard. 16 page booklet with lyrics (7 tks/ 45 mins)
- "Haunted Dreamscapes. LTD" - 18,0 EURO - LAST COPY -
- CD DIGIBOOK - Stellar Winter Recs - Last studio album "Урочища Снов" (2010) from leaders of Russian Pagan/ Folk Metal. Killer edition as Hardcover Digibook with 32 page booklet, LTD press to 1000 copies.  Rare/ Sold out from label (7 tks/ 42 mins)
 SOLD OUT - "Sorcery Of Fragments" - 8,0 EURO
- CD - Stellar Winter Recs - Re-edition’05 of rareties from Russian Pagan Metal: "Sorcery Is Strengthening The Black Glory Of Rus" debut demo-album’98 + "Fragments" mini’01 (14 tks/ 70 mins)

TEITANFYRE (Russia/ members of Molest, Ulvdalir)
 NEW - "Morbid Death's Sceptre" - 8,90 EURO
- CD - Ridge Ov Dragon - Debut full-length album (2011) of one of the prominent Black Metal squadron from modern Russian scene: Devil-worship, Darkness, Death. For fans of old Gorgoroth, Watain, Bathory. Cover artwork by Njard (of cultic BlazeBirth Hall circle). JewelCase-edition (Cat.# RIDGE007), PinArt CD, LTD 1000 (7 tks/ 36 mins)

THAW (Poland/ members of Furia, Mentor, Antigama)
 NEW - "Decay/ Advance" - 9,90 EURO
- 2CD - Witching Hour Prods - Never before oficially released, two first demos from Polish masters of Avantgarde Experimental Black Metal/Ambient: "Decay" demo'2010 and "Advance" demo'2012 with bonus tracks, almost 90 minutes, remastered sound. Double JewelCase edition'2014 (Cat.# EVIL050CD), limited to 500 copies (11 tks/ 50 mins + 4 tks/ 29 mins)

THERION (Sweden)
 SOLD OUT - "Les Fleurs Du Mal" - 8,50 EURO
- CD - Irond Ltd. - Album'2012 with bonus-track "Les Sucettes": 25-th anniversary of symphonic metal masters. Issued under direct license from the band, Limited licensed edition with 20 page booklet (16 tks/ 48 mins)

THEUDHO (Belgium)
- "Treachery" - 7,50 EURO
- CD - Nepherex Recs - Debut album (2004) of Blackened Pagan Metal inspired by Nothern European Nature. Dynamic mix between aggressive & melancholic moods in vein of Bathory, Falkenbach. Recommended! (10 tks/ 48 mins)

THORNSPAWN‎ (USA/ members of Blackhell, Maledictvs, Hod, Pious Levus)
- "Sanctified By Satan's Blood" - 9,0 EURO
- CD - Agonia Recs - 3-rd full-length album (2007) from one of the oldest American band of Satanic Black Metal (est.1993): Leather, Spikes, Chains, Fire & Metal! Fast, evil & brutal "Total Devil Worship"-stuff for fans of Beherit, Marduk, Profanatica, Archgoat, Blasphemy. JewelCase-edition, Cat.# ARCD042 (9 tks/ 33 mins)

THRONAR (Holland/ members of Heidevolk)
- "For Death And Glory" - 9,90 EURO
- CD - Seven Kingdoms Recs - Debut album (2005) of melodic & powerful Atmospheric/Folk Black Metal, full of heroic spirit of battles. Original edition from UK label owned by Forefather members (Cat.# SK001), 8 page booklet with lyrics (9 tks/ 45 mins)

THRONEUM (Poland/ members of Morbid Execution, ex-Besatt)
- "CACOMetamorphosen" - 4,50 EURO - ALBUM 2015 -
- MCD - Witching Hour Prods - New mini-album (2015) from Polish masters of raw Ancient Death/Black Terror Metal (est. 1996). After many releases in cooperation with bands, labels from worldwide Throneum are true legend of metal underground. They are total promoters of raw analogue sound, primitivism, the spirit & ideals of old underground. For fans of Blasphemy, Revenge, Hellhammer, Black Witchery, Conqueror, Sadistik Exekution (4 tks/ 19 mins)

THRONE OF KATARSIS (Norway/ members of Skuggeheim, Gehenna, ex-Blood Red Throne, Forlorn, ex-Thundra)
 NEW - "Ved Graven" - 10,50 EURO
- CD - Candlelight Recs - 3-th album "At The Grave" (2011) of True Norwegian Black Metal: "Cold, raw, and with the bizarre aura of an everlasting funeral" . Cover artwork by Njard (of cultic BlazeBirth Hall circle). JewelCase-edition, Cat.# CANDLE348CD (7 tks/ 47 mins)

TOD (Italy/ members of Malnàtt, Marbas Kult, Diabula Rasa)
- "Black Metal Manifesto" - 7,90 EURO
- CD - Eyes Of The Dead Prods - Debut album (2006) of fast, harsh, sorrowful Black Metal w/ dark atmosphere & deadly-mechanical sound (10 tks/ 41 mins)

TODESTRIEBE (Russia/ members of The Sarcophagus)
- "Vicarius Filii Dei" - 7,90 EURO - ALBUM 2015 -
- CD - Der Schwarze Tod/ COD - New 2nd album (2015) of powerful & evil Black Metal. JewelCase-edition comes with high quality print of 8 page booklet with lacquered details, LTD 500 (8 tks/ 35 mins)

TOTENBURG (Germany/ members of Absurd, Stahlfront, Epithalium)
 NEW - "Endzeit" - 9,90 EURO
- CD - Nebelfee Klangwerke - 4-th full-length album (2009) of storming German NS Black Metal with lyrics on Deutschen. For fans of Absurd, Der Stürmer, Marduk. JewelCase-edition, 8 page booklet (9 tks/ 40 mins)

TSJUDER (Norway/ ex-members of Isvind, Kharon, Ragnarok)
- "Antiliv" - 11,90 EURO
- CD - Season Of Mist - 5-th studio album (2015) of 666% Norwegian Satanic Black Metal: recorded by trio of трио Nag, Draugluin, AntiChristian. Artwork by Vincent Fouquet (Bethlehem, Inquisition, Melechesh, Nightfall). Sound by Andy LaRocque (guitar in King Diamond, ex-Death). JewelCase-edition, Cat.#SOM364 (8 tks/ 46 mins)

TRELLDOM (Norway/ members of ex-Gorgoroth, God Seed, Nidingr, Wardruna)
- "Til Minne…" - 7,0 EURO
- CD - Regain Recs/ CD-Maximum - 3rd studio album "In Memory..." (2007) from one of the oldest horde of Norwegian Black Metal (est. 1992): raw & evil Black Metal in pure vein of Nordic style. Feat. Gaahl (ex-Gorgoroth, God Seed, Wardruna, Gaahlskagg), Stian "Sir Sick" Kårstad (Djerv, Nidingr, Myrkur, ex-Gorgoroth, ex-God Seed). Produced by Pytten at legendary Grieghallen studio. Licensed edition of rare release from backcatalogue of dead Regain Recs, incl. 20 page booklet (8 tks/ 39 mins)

TUMULUS (Russia/ new band of ex-SCALD members)
- "Sredokresie" - 6,50 EURO
- CD - Wroth Emitter Prods - 2nd album of original fusion of Slavic folk, progressive metal, ambient; lyrically deals with Heathen mysteries, rites & magic (9 tks)

- "Things That Were" - 7,90 EURO
- CD - Dark Symphonies Recs - 2nd album (2003) of sorrowfull, provocative, gothic doom metal with beautiful female lead vocal. For fans of old The 3rd & The Mortal stuff, Theatre Of Tragedy (12 tks/ 57 mins)

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