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SADISTIK EXEKUTION (Australia/ members of Nazxul, ex-Slaughter Lord)
- "Fukk" - 10,0 EURO
- CD - Osmose Prods/ CD-Maximum - 4-th album (2002) of legendary War Death/ Black Metal from oldest Australian extreme Masters: fast, chaotic & maximum brutal sound! Rarity for collectors, licensed edition'2004, incl. massive 24 page booklet.  Rare/ Sold out from label (12 tks/ 45 mins)

SARKE (Norway/ members of Khold, Tulus, ex-Old Man's Child, Darkthrone, ICS Vortex)
 NEW - "Aruagint" - 6,50 EURO
- CD - Indie Recordings/ Fono Ltd. - 3rd album (2013) of Black/ Thrash Metal band with wellknown Norwegian musicians. Feat. Nocturno Culto (of Darkthrone) on lead vocals. LTD licenced edition, 8 page booklet (9 tks/ 38 mins)

SATYRICON (Norway/ members of 1349, ex-Storm, ex-Wongraven, ex-Zyklon-B, ex-Gorgoroth, ex-Keep Of Kalessin)
 SOLD OUT - "Nemesis Divina/ Megiddo" - 9,0 EURO
- CD - Moonfog/ Irond Ltd. - Norwegian Black Metal classics! 3rd album (1996) extended by rare 4-tracks ЕР'1997 "Megiddo - Mother North In The Dawn Of A New Age", updated sound and artworks. Limited licensed edition'2007 (12 tks/ 62 mins)

SECRETS OF THE MOON (Germany/ ex-members of Krieg, Hell Militia)
- "Carved In Stigmata Wounds" - 6,0 EURO
- CD - Lupus Lounge/ CD-Maximum - 2nd album (2004) of European Black Metal veterans: dark melodies, cold atmosphere & touch of progressive style. Guest: Cornelius Mikael Waldner (of Sagittarius, Hailstorm). LTD licensed edition, 16 page booklet (10 tks/ 72 mins)

SEVEROTH (Ukraine/ member of Endless Battle, Морок, Bezmir, Galdur, Zgard)
 SOLD OUT - "When The Night Falls..." - 9,0 EURO
- CD - Werewolf Promotion ‎– 4-th album (2018) of one-man band by Severoth: majestic and cold Ambient/Atmospheric Black Metal. For fans of Burzum, Lustre, Limbonic Art. LTD 500, Cat.# WP-CD98, 20 page booklet (8 tks/ 69 mins)

SINISTER (Holland)
 SOLD OUT - "The Post-Apocalyptic Servant. LTD RU" - 9,0 EURO
- 2CD - Massacre/ Mazzar Recs - 11-th studio album (2014) from European death metal veterans. Rare licensed edition with bonus-CD.  Rare/ Sold out from label (10 tks/ 45 mins + 4 tks/ 20 mins)

SKOLL (Italy/ vocalist of Opera IX, The True Endless)
- "11 Years Of Mist" - 7,0 EURO
- CD - Ewiges Eis Recs - Collection (2005) of rare stuff from GREAT Pagan Black Metal horde: split, demo, compilation. Mix between the best parts of epic Bathory & Graveland. LTD to 1000 (9 tks/ 45 mins)

- "Senprūsija (Old Prussia)" - 10,0 EURO
- CD - Thunderforge Recs - New album (2015) from Baltic Kings of Pagan Metal: first studio album in 5 years. Exclusive edition in Super jewel box with carefully crafted 16-page booklet + postcard (12 tks/ 58 mins)
- "Kurbads" - 7,0 EURO
- CD - Metal Blade/ Fono Recs - 5th studio album (2010) from Baltic Masters of Pagan Metal. Limited licensed edition with 1 bonus track "Kurbads" (Opus Pro cover), 16 page booklet (11 tks/ 50 mins)

 NEW - "Hell Awaits" - 8,0 EURO
- CD - Metal Blade Recs/ Fono Ltd. - Legendary 2nd album (1985) of American Kings of Thrash Metal. Highlights: "Hell Awaits", "Kill Again", "At Dawn They Sleep", "Praise Of Death", "Necrophiliac". Limited licensed edition'2014, 6 page booklet (7 tks/ 37 mins)

SOLGRAV (Finland/ Changed name to Auringon Hauta since 2009)
- "Auringon Hauta" - 7,0 EURO
- CD - Nocturnal Woodlands Prods - Debut album (2005) of Scandinavian Blackened Folk/Pagan Metal with great accoustic & melodic parts (9 tks/ 40 mins)

SONNENBRAND (Russia/ Feat. charismatic clean vocals of Krynitza, Temnozor)
- "V Osoznanii Prevoschodstva" - 9,0 EURO
- CD - Der Schwarze Tod/ Bergting - New blood of Russian NSBM scene: debut album "В Осознании Превосходства (In Recognizing Of Predominance)" (2013) as total BlazeBirth Hall worship! Feat. Rodoslav (of Krynitza, Temnozor) as charismatic clean vocals. Jewelcase-edition with 12 pages booklet on high quality print with lacquered logo, LTD 500 (8 tks/ 51 mins)

- "Dryguła" - 9,0 EURO
- CD - BMA Group - Album'2009 from Belarusan oldest Folk/ Mediaeval music band, where used old authentic instruments. Reconstruction of musical traditions of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, where Belarus was the basic cultural and geopolitical part in the 13th-18th centuries, and where there was a unique synthesis of Belarusan folk and aulic music with European musical achievements of that time. The early Belarusan instruments' sounding with all-European mediaeval instruments such as lute, rebec and flute (13 tks/ 44 mins)

STWORZ (Poland/ members of Wędrujący Wiatr, Kres, Prav)
 NEW - "Wołosożary" - 9,0 EURO
- CD - Werewolf Promotion ‎– 5th album (2017) of wellknown Slavonic Pagan/Black Metal: atmospheric hymns to nature & traditions, the end of "the seasons chapters" and dedicated to Winter. For fans of Drudkh, Темнозорь, Slavland, Wędrujący Wiatr. JewelCase edition limited to 1000 copies (Cat.# WP-CD82), 8 page booklet (12 tks/ 57 mins)

 NEW - "With Doom We Come" - 8,0 EURO - ALBUM 2018 -
- CD - Napalm/ Soyuz Music - New 8th album (2018) from Legend of Epic Fantasy Black Metal. Limited licensed edition, 8 page booklet (8 tks/ 65 mins)
- "Lost Tales" - 5,0 EURO
- MCD - Napalm/ Mazzar Recs - Rare mini-album (2003) of Epic Black Metal. Licensed limited edition (2 tks/ 16 mins)
- "Old Mornings Dawn. LTD" - 13,90 EURO  - RARE -
- CD DIGIBOOK - Napalm/ Mazzar Recs - Rarity for collectors! Licensed limited edition as the unique format for this album - Harcover Digibook! Last album (2013) of Epic Black Metal.  Rare/ Sold out from label (8 tks/ 65 mins)

SVART (Sweden/ one-man band by Christian "Draug" Larsson of Shining)
- "Våran Tid Är Förbi" - 8,0 EURO
- CD - Livsleda/ Frostscald Recs - Underground cult of Depressive Black Metal from Sweden: CD-edition of EP'2009 with demo'2008 "Då Allt Upphör" as bonus (7 tks/ 77 mins)

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