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PEST (Sweden/ member of Blissful Stream)
 NEW - "Rest In Morbid Darkness" - 5,90 EURO
- CD - Season Of Mist/ CD-Maximum - 3-rd album (2008) from Stockholm's black duo: hymns bleeding from infernal energies, violent sickness, lurking horror and triumphant bloodshed! Fast & powerful True Nordic Black Metal in vein of classics Celtic Frost, Bathory, Craft, Urgehal. LTD licensed edition, 4 page booklet (9 tks/ 50 mins)

PERISHED (Norway/ membesr of ex-Bloodthorn, Wurdulak, Mayhem, Whoredom Rife)
 NEW - "Seid" - 5,90 EURO
- CD - Displeased/ CD-Maximum Recs - 2-nd album (2003) of powerful Black Metal from Norway: orchestration in best traditions of old Emperor, Gehenna. LTD licensed edition, 12 page booklet (8 tks/ 46 mins)

PRAGNAVIT (Belarus/ membesr of Udumbal, M.O.B.A.S., Noluntas, Гушчар)
 NEW - "Svetacjam" - 8,50 EURO
- CD DIGISLEEVE - Crivia Recs - 3-rd album (2007) of unique Ethnic Dark Ambient oneman-band of Voist Angiras (of Udumbal): mystical Dark Ritual/Folk Ambient dedicated to traditional Ethnic culture of Balto-Slavonic region of old Europa - Crivia (Belarus). Feat. guests from folk band Osimira. Limited 4 pannel Digisleeve with booklet (6 tks/ 65 mins)

PROPHANITY (Sweden/ members of Immemoreal, ex-Nominon, ex-Dragonland)
 NEW - "Stronger Than Steel" - 5,50 EURO
- CD - Blackened/ CD-Maximum - The only album (1998) of Scandinavian legend of 90's metal-underground: powerful mix of fast melodic black/viking metal and technical death metal, with lyrical dedication to vikings. Produced by Andy La Rocque (guitarist of King Diamond, ex-Death). Limited licenced edition incl. bonus-track "Swedish Steel (The Metalist)" (9 tks/ 41 mins)

- "Welcome To Fire" - 8,0 EURO
- CD - Wroth Emitter Prods - Collection of rareties (2006) from legendary pioneers of German death/ thrash metal: debut demo'1986 "Protector Of Death" + unreleased live album'1988 "Live In Wolfsburg" + the last known recording "Resurrected" demo’2000 (17 tks/ 76 mins)

PSEUDOGOD (Russia/ members of Act Of God, ex-Sinful, Ill Omened, Serpentrance)
 SOLD OUT - "Deathwomb Catechesis" - 11,0 EURO
- CD - Kvlt - The long awaited debut album (2012) from Russian band, which well-known across metal-underground due a couple Split-releases on both continents (Morbosidad, Blaze Of Perdition, Teitanfyre). Evil & barbaric Extreme Satanic Black/ Death Metal for die hards of Archgoat, Katharsis, Teitanblood. Incl. 24-page booklet with killer illustrations from Antichrist Kramer (SSP) and Alexander Brown (Witchrist). European edition on Finnish Kvlt (owned by guitarist of Beherit, Thy Serpent), US-edition on Hells Headbangers (8 tks/ 41 mins)

PUNGENT STENCH (Austria/ members of Hollenthon, Zombie Inc.)
- "Ampeauty" - 9,0 EURO
- CD - Nuclear Blast/ Irond Ltd. - Rarity for collectors! Limited licensed edition'2005 of 5th full-length album (2004) of last studio release from European monsters of necrosadistic death'n'roll metal. Incl. 24 pages booklet, which full filled by dark-realistic photos of Gerhard Aba as art-dedication to theme "amputee & beauty" (10 tks/ 57 mins)

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