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NAHASH (Lithuania/ members of Valefar)
- "Nocticula Hecate" - 9,0 EURO
- CD SLIPCASE - Inferna Profundis/ Nocturnal Woodland Recs - First time on CD the legendary demo'94, which probably was 1st Black Metal recording in former USSR! Remastered sound and updated booklet (5 tracks/ 35 mins)

NAER MATARON (Greece/ members of Goatvomit, ex-Vorphalack, ex-Handful Of Hate, Lost Soul)
- "Long Live Death" - 9,0 EURO
- CD DIGIPACK - Witching Hour Prods - 6th album "Ζήτω ο θάνατος" (2012) from veterans of Hellenic Black Metal (est. 1994): fast attacks & special mystic atmosphere. 6 pannel Digipack with 12 page booklet (10 tks/ 37 mins/ sealed)
- "Kai O Logos Sarx Egeneto" - 10,0 EURO
- CD DIGIPACK - Blackseed Prods - 7th album "Και ο λόγος σάρξ εγένετο (And The Word Became Flesh)" (2013): Occult Black Metal as mystic dedication to old scene of Hellas. Feat. as guests: Acherontas V.Priest (Acherontas), Vicotnik (Dоdheimsgard, Code, Ved Buens Ende). Digipack edition with cover Sarcofago "Nightmare" as bonus-track, 16 page booklet (9 tks/ 59 mins/ sealed)

NEBOKRAJ (НЕБОКРАЙ) (Russian/ feat. Temnozor live-members, Bastion)
- "Na Rubezhe (At The Boundary)" - 10,0 EURO  - LAST COPY -
- CD - Stellar Winter/ Schwarze Tod/ Auto-Da-Fe - Rare debut album (2010) of Pagan Folk Metal with Temnozor live line-up members. Cover artworks by Sigrun Hammerdottir of BlazeBirth Hall.  Rare/ Sold out from label (8 tks/ 50 mins)
- "Morovaya Yazva" - 8,0 EURO
- MCD - Der Schwarze Tod/ Auto-Da-Fe - Latest mini-album "Моровая Язва" (2012) of Russian Pagan Folk Metal. Incl. Absurd, Sturmwehr covers and hidden track. Edition with high quality print of booklet. LTD 500 (4 tks/ 28 mins)

NECROPHOBIC (Sweden/ members of Nifelheim, Unleashed, ex-Exhumed, ex-Dismember)
- "Satanic Blasphemies" - 10,0 EURO
- CD - Hammerheart Recs - Compilation (2009) of rare recordings of oldest Swedish Satanic Black/Death Metal: rare ЕР'1993 "The Call" (original release on US Wild Rags Recs), 2nd demo "Slow Asphyxiation" (1990) and 3rd demo "Unholy Prophecies" (1991), remastered sound. Re-issue from back catalogue of old label Regain Recs (9 tks/ 40 mins)

NECROVATION (Sweden/ members of Stench)
- "Necrovation" - 9,0 EURO
- CD - Agonia Recs - 2nd album (2012) of raw & dark oldschool Death Metal with solo-guitars in vein of classic Morbid Angel, Metallica. For fans of old Morbid Angel, Possessed, Death, Dismember. Sound by Sverker "Widda" Widgren (of Centinex, Demonical, Diabolical) at famous Swedish Necromorbus studio (Watain, Funeral Mist, Unanimated). Artwork by Jonathan Hulten (guitarist of Stech, Tribulation) of Necromantic Art studio (9 tks/ 47 mins)

NEPHILIM/ KLANDESTYN (Norway/ Russia/ members of Helvetespine, Dødsengel, Saligia)
- "Nephilim-Klandestyn Split" - 6,0 EURO
- CD SPLIT - Stellar Winter Recs/ Hexenhammer Recs - Split-release (2008) of Black Hordes from Norway and Russia: Harsh & freezing, full of rage Northern Black Metal with members of Dødsengel, Helvetespine, Saligia (2 tracks recorded in 2007 - "Dedicated in the name of the Lord!") / Raw, attacking, orthodox Black Metal in finest traditions of old Darkthrone, Burzum from Russian quintet from Vladimir (3 tracks from "Black Mantra" promo'2006 - "Dedicated to Great Vast Nothingness"). Jewel-case edition limited to 500 units, incl. 8 page booklet (5 tks/ 35 mins)

NIFELHEIM (Sweden/ members of Necrophobic, Unleashed, ex-Exhumed, ex-Dismember)
- "Envoy Of Lucifer" - 8,0 EURO
- CD - Regain Recs/ CD-Maximum - 4-th album (2007) from the true Masters of Satanic Black/ Thrash Metal: 100% sincere dedication to oldschool spirit of Metal. Recorded by brothers "Tyrant" & "Hellbutcher" Gustavsson, Sebastian Ramstedt (Ordo Inferus, ex-Exhumed, ex-Necrophobic), Johan Bergebäck (ex-Dismember, ex-Exhumed, ex-Necrophobic), Peter Stjärnvind (Merciless, ex-Entombed, ex-Regurgitate, ex-Unanimated). Guests: Set Teitan (Unanimated, ex-Dissection, ex-Aborym, ex-Watain), Erik Danielsson (Watain). Licensed edition of rare release from backcatalogue of dead Regain Recs, incl. 8 page booklet (10 tks/ 44 mins)

NITBERG (Russia/ members of Branikald, Forest, Raven Dark, ex-Temnozor)
- "Nagelreid" - 18,0 EURO  - LAST COPIES -
- CD DIGIPACK - BlazeBirth Hall - With new album (2010) is started New Era of old Russian Black Metal Cult! Idea by Ulv Gegner (R.I.P. 2005), performed by StringsSkald & Kaldrad. Released as one audio-track on 56 minutes long, but includes conceptual 17 chapters (musically and lyrically). Solid 6-panel Digipack edition with 28 page booklek (incl. English translation of all lyrics), Limited to 1000 units (Cat.# BBH003).  Rare/ Sold out from label (56 mins)

NORD (Canada/ members of Triskele’, Kenaz)
 SOLD OUT - "Nord" - 8,0 EURO
- CD - EastSide Recs - Rare debut album (2001) of Pagan Black Metal from Canada: cold, atmospheric & melancholic, for fans of old Emperor, Limbonic Art, Graveland. Created & recorder by Dave "Skogen" Jobin (of Triskele’ and Kenaz). Limited re-edition'2006 (Cat.# ESCD029) with 2 bonus-tracks, LTD 500 копий (13 tks/ 72 mins)

 NEW - "To The Gates Of Blasphemous Fire. LTD Deluxe" - 12,50 EURO - RELEASE 2016 -
- CD DIGIBOOK DELUXE - Oriana Music - Rare 3-th album (1998) of Black Metal legend from Kharkiv: dark and symphonic. Remastered sound'2016 by Greg Chandler (guitar, vocal in Esoteric and Lychgate; sound for Esoteric, Fen, Kawir, Mourning Beloveth, Ophis, Pantheist). LTD Deluxe-edition (Сat.# OMCD19) with updated artwork, large 36 page booklet, 2-sided poster with old and new front-arts (8 tks/ 49 mins)
- "Goat Horns" - 17,0 EURO - LAST COPY -
- CD - Oriana Music - Rare edition: Re-issue'2010 with new layout & 16 page booklet! Legendary album'1996 of Slavonic Pagan Black Metal.  Rare/ Sold out from label (7 tks/ 52 mins)
- "Nechrist" - 10,0 EURO
- CD - Oriana Music - Cult masterpiece'2000 of Slavonic Black Metal. Re-edition'2010 with updated design (88 tks/ 72 mins)
- "Істина (Verity). LTD Deluxe" - 14,50 EURO - ALBUM 2017 -
- CD DIGIBOOK DELUXE - Oriana Music - 7-th studio album (2017) of Legendary Pagan Black Metal. First recording with guitarist Jurgis (of Khors, Sanatana) and keyboardist Hyozt (of KZOHH, Reusmarkt, ex-Xul). Mixed by Greg Chandler (guitar, vocal in Esoteric and Lychgate; sound for Esoteric, Fen, Kawir, Mourning Beloveth, Ophis, Pantheist). Artwork by Kristian "Necrolord" Wahlin (guitar, vocal in Diabolique; arts for Amorphis, At The Gates, Atheist, Bathory, Benediction, Dark Funeral, Dark Tranquillity, Dissection, Edge Of Sanity, Emperor, Hypocrisy, King Diamond, Lake Of Tears, Necrophobic, Tiamat). Incl. cover on Кому Вниz "Ліра". LTD Deluxe-edition (Сat.# OMCD21) with 56 page booklet (12 tks/ 74 mins)

NORDVREDE (Norway/ members of Kaevum, Sultedöd, Taakeferd)
 NEW - "Hammerprofeti" - 15,0 EURO - RARE -
- CD - Stellar Winter/ Hexenhammer Recs - Rare original edition of debut full-length album (2008): GREAT powerful Northern Black Metal in vein of Gorgoroth, old Immortal. Original Jewelcase-edition, LTD to 1000 copies (Cat.# hammer06).  Rare/ Sold out from label (6 tks/ 43 mins)
- "Legion Nordvrede" - 14,00 EURO - RARE -
- CD - Hexenhammer/ Frostscald Recs - Rare 2-nd longplay (2012) of fast & powerful Northern Black Metal. Original Jewelcase-edition, LTD to 1000 copies (Cat.# FS56/hammer23).  Rare/ Sold out from label (8 tks/ 37 mins)
- "Northern Frontlines" - 9,0 EURO - RARE -
- CD - Stellar Winter/ Hexenhammer Recs - Re-edition of demo'2006 with new artwork & booklet: hateful Northern Black Metal. Original Jewelcase-edition'2007, LTD to 1000 copies, (Cat.# hammer05).  Rare/ Sold out from label (5 tks/ 23 mins)

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