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КРЫНИЦА (KRYNITZA) (Russia/ former band of Rodoslav, charismatic clean vocals of Temnozor)
- "Stormsnows Are Dancing. LTD" - 12,0 EURO  - ALBUM 2016 -
- CD DIGIPAK - Sonnenvolk/ Stellar Winter Recs - New 4-th album "В Вихре Метели" (2016) from masters of Russian neofolk/ dark folk: long awaited, like a breath of the fresh northern wind! Feat. Alruna (Graveland, Lord Wind) on violin/ strings. Incl. cover for Temnozor (Темнозорь) "Что ж вы, зори росные, утром в кровь багрянитесь". Limited 6 panel Digipack with 12-page booklet, contains lyrics on Russian and English languages (7 tks/ 37 mins)
- "The Song Of The Sepulchral Grass" - 14,0 EURO
- CD DIGIPACK - Sonnenvolk/ Stellar Winter Recs - 3rd album "Песнь Могильных Трав" (2012), 5 years after the release of their long sold out 2-nd fullength. Russian pagan neofolk meets traditional folk. Limited 4-panel Digipack with 20-page booklet filled by exclusive illustrations (8 tks/ 40 mins)
- "Angel" - 11,0 EURO  - LAST COPY -
- CD - Sonnenvolk/ Stellar Winter Recs - Rare debut album (2005) of Russian heathen neofolk. Original Jewelcase-edition.  Rare/ Sold out from label (8 tks/ 29 mins)

- "Eternity" - 8,0 EURO
- CD - Der Schwarze Tod/ Auto-Da-Fe - Debut album "Вечность" (2013) from Russian trans-regional band (Kostroma and Krasnoyarsk cities): Pagan Black Metal/ Dark Neofolk with melancholic atmosphere of autumn. Jewelcase-edition comes with high quality print of 16-page booklet with lacquered details & silver print, LTD 500 (13 tks/ 50 mins)
- "Marevo" - 8,0 EURO
- CD - Der Schwarze Tod/ Auto-Da-Fe - 2-nd album "Марево (The Heat Haze)" (2014): great Russian Pagan Black Metal/ Dark Neofolk - atmospheric & majestic! For fans of Temnozor, Burzum. Jewelcase-edition incl. 1 hidden bonus track, comes with high quality print of 20-page booklet with lacquered details & silver print, LTD 500 (19 tks/ 78 mins)

- "Dance Of December Souls/ Jhva Elohim Meth..." - 12,0 EURO
- CD DIGIPACK - Katatonia/ Mystic Empire/ Mazzar Recs - Rarity for collectors! Russian edition'2006 manufactured under exclusive licence from Katatonia: legendary debut LP'1993 + "Jhva Elohim Meth... The Revival" EP'1992 as bonus tracks. Limited 6-panel Digipack with 12-page booklet, exclusive cover artwork (13 tks/ 71 mins/ sealed)

KARG (Austria/ member of Seagrave, Harakiri For The Sky)
- "Malstrom" - 10,0 EURO
- CD DIGIPACK - Obscure Abhorrence Prods - 4th album (2014) from Austrian one-man band of V. Wahntraum: Ambient Black Metal with special tragic mood. The lyrics are filled by depression and self-destruction. 4 panel Digipack with 8 page booklet (6 tks/ 45 mins/ sealed)

KHANDRA (Belarus)
- "All Is Of No Avail. LTD" - 8,0 EURO  - ALBUM 2017 -
- MCD DIGISLEEVE - Khandra - Debut mini-album (2017) of new Black Metal-band from Belarus: great mesmerizing melodies, dark atmosphere and pulse of the Darkness! 4-pannel Digisleeve limited to 300 units (2 tks/ 14 mins)

KHORS (Ukraine/ members of Ulvegr, Ygg, Nokturnal Mortum, ex-Astrofaes, ex-Runes Of Dianceht)
- "Night Falls Onto The Fronts Of Ours" - 11,0 EURO  - ALBUM 2015 -
- CD - Candlelight - New 6-th studio album "І Ніч Схиляється До Наших Лиць" (2015) from Ukrainian masters of Atmospheric Dark Metal. Feat. Saturious (Nokturnal Mortum, Finist) on keyboards as guest. 12-page booklet (8 tks/ 44 mins/ sealed)
- "Wisdom Of Centuries" - 11,0 EURO
- CD - Candlelight - 5-th album "Мудрість Століть" (2012) and debut release for cult English label: Atmospheric Dark Metal (8 tks/ 36 mins/ sealed)

KORGONTHURUS (Finland/ members of Totalselfhatred, ex-Horna, ex-Sear)
- "Vuohen Siunaus" - 7,0 EURO  - ALBUM 2016 -
- CD - Woodcut Recs/ Fono Ltd. - New 2nd studio album (2016) of hidden project with metal-veterans of Finnish Black Metal: Corvus (Totalselfhatred, ex-Horna, ex-Sear), Kryth (Musta Kappeli, Wolfthrone, ex-Necrodium, ex-Sear), Saturnus (Totalselfhatred, ex-Nordwind, ex-Horna). Limited licensed edition, 12 page booklet (7 tks/ 49 mins)

KRABATHOR (Czech/ oldest death metal band from Eastern Europe, est. in 1984!)
- "Lies" - 7,0 EURO
- CD - Morbid/ CD-Maximum - 3-th album (1995) in discography of Czech Death Metal-monsters: Krabathor' debut on West-European metal market via Morbid Recs (Germany). "This album is exclusively dedicated to the Immortal kingdom of underground and to all true death metal hordes worldwide!!!" Feat. original bassist Bruno (of Hypnos). Licensed edition, 12 page booklet (9 tks/ 35 mins)

- "Kruiz" - 12,0 EURO
- CD - CD-Maximum Recs - First metal band from USSR who received attention from West: legendary and rare thrash metal LP'1988, which was recorded & issued in Germany. Remastered edition'2007 with 3 before unreleased bonus tracks, 20-page booklet.  Rare/ Sold out from label (12 tks/ 55 mins)

KYPCK (Finland)
- "Имена На стене" - 10,0 EURO
- CD DIGIPACK - Ranka Kustannus/ Fono Recs - 3-rd album "Imena Na Stene (Names On The Wall)" (2014): depressive doom metal from Finland, but all lyrics in Russian. Licensed edition as limited 6-panel Digipack with 16 page booklet. The artwork is based on photos from the ghost town of Pripyat/ Ukraine, area of Chernobyl' nuclear power plant (10 tks/ 53 mins)

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