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ENDSTILLE (Germany/ members of Graupel, Graven, Tauthr, -Nagelfar)
- "Endstilles Reich" - 5,90 EURO
- CD - Regain/ CD-Maximum - 5-th studio album (2007) of fast & agressive Black Metal from Germany. LTD licensed edition'2008 of rare release from backcatalogue of dead Regain Recs, 12 page booklet (10 tks/ 49 mins)
- "Kapitulation 2013" - 5,90 EURO
- CD - Season Of Mist/ Mazzar Recs - 8-th studio album (2013) of militaristic Black Metal from Germany: fast BM-attacks for fans of Marduk, Tsjuder, Gorgoroth. LTD licensed edition with 1 bonus-track: cover on Sodom "Blasphemer", which feat. original Sodom' guitarist Grave Violator as guest (10 tks/ 43 mins)

ENTHRONED (Belgium/ members of Nightbringer, Emptiness, Seth, ex-Corpus Christii, ex-God Seed, ex-Gorgoroth)
- "Tetra Karcist" - 8,0 EURO
- CD - Napalm Recs/ Irond Ltd. - 7th album (2007) of European Black Metal Tyrants (est. 1993): agressive & powerful Black Metal in vein of Marduk, Gorgoroth, Urgehal, Ragnarok, Carpathian Forest. Produced by legendary Harris Johns (Sodom, Kreator, Voivod). Guests: MkM (of Aosoth, Antaeus, Temple Of Baal) and Ashmedi (of Melechesh). Rare licensed edition with 2 hidden tracks ("Psalm I: Pantheon Of Oblivion" and "Psalm II: I Reign Over You"), 16 page booklet (12 tks/ 44 mins)

EXUMER (Germany)
- "Fire & Damnation" - 8,90 EURO
- CD - Metal Blade/ Fono Ltd. - The album-return (2012) of German Thrash Metal legend from the heart of the 80's: the band reunited in 2008 and recorded the 3rd studio album after more than 20 years of silence! Sound by Waldemar Sorychta (Grip Inc., Moonspell, Samael, Sodom, Tiamat, Tristania, Unleashed). Rare licensed edition'2012, 16 page booklet.  Sold out from label (10 tks/ 34 mins)

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