Feedback - INTERIOR WRATH "Wolfblood Of Resistance"

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Feedback - WEEPING TWILIGHT "Parastki Pamiaci na Ruinach Byłoha"


WEEPING TWILIGHT "Parastki Pamiaci na Ruinach Byłoha"

Metal Art magazine (Belarus) issue #5

Feedback - EVTHANAZIA A.D. "The Hate Exhumation"


EVTHANAZIA A.D. "The Hate Exhumation"

Metal Art magazine (Belarus) issue #5

Feedback - BRIARGH "Kanttrug"


“This is the solo project from Dux Bellorum Briargh, a member of Spain's FORESTDOME. He did everything on this release. Vocals, drums, guitar, bass, even the cover artwork. In other words, he's a very talented guy. BRIARGH has a "back to the roots" type of black metal sound, and to me is like a mix of BURZUM and GRAVELAND. The entire album is a celebration of sorts of Cantabria, better known these days as Spain (and Briargh's homeland). Not a lot of speed here, the songs all focus on the brooding and atmospheric aspects of black metal. Not bad for a debut solo project, and I'm sure this isn't the last we'll hear from BRIARGH.”

MetalNightmare webzine (USA) issue #19

Feedback - VELD "Infested With Rats Life"


“Sometimes people question the need for reissues. For all you fans of old school death metal, VELD is your reason. This album was released back in 2002 (apparently on CDR format), but is now available again in all its ugly glory. Probably the one thing that you'll immediately notice is the rough production. Infested with Rats Life has a really heavy "blower" kind of sound to it, and I've got to say that it fits perfectly. Please VELD, don't change a single thing with the production for your next album. You don't need to record digitally on 666 tracks with some hotshot engineer. Whatever you did this time is what you should stick with. You'll also most likely pick up on a bit of a "tech" feeling in VELD's music. You'd be right about that, but don't start thinking that it's in the "modern" sense. Think instead of very early PESTILENCE, when Martin van Drunken handled the over the top vocals and the music was technical for the sake of the music, and not for the sake of simply being technical. I really can't get over how great this album by VELD is, and I'd like to thank Fatal Ecstasy Productions for having the balls to reissue it. If Belarus has any more bands similar to this unholy trio, then I say... bring 'em on!”

MetalNightmare webzine (USA) issue #19



“I'm kind of surprised that this triple threat CD didn't have a title overarching all three bands. But no matter. First up is HELLVETO, with "Epitaph". This is a one man project out of Poland, featuring atmospheric black metal with loads of orchestration. The guy seems to really love his keyboard, and keeps it set to "piano" rather than "cheap sounding Japanese piece of crap". He also keeps things moving, as HELLVETO plays in a fast style. Next up is PHORCYS, hailing out of Belarus, with "Kolobos". Unlike the other two bands on this split, PHORCYS is more of a black/death metal project, with the vocals far closer to death than black in sound. However, not to the same kind of extreme that's found with AETERNUS. I really like PHORCYS, but I hope that Scarriot (only member) learns how to program a drum machine so it doesn't sound so mechanical for his next release. Finally we have Spain's FORESTDOME, featuring three members (at last, something other than a one man band), what could qualify as the most unintelligible vocals ever, and a sadly thin production. These three warriors of death have a very chaotic style on "When the River of Hate Tears Floods". At times things will start to make sense musically, then they'll throw something in there that will knock you for a loop. Very unpredictable, and probably the most challenging band on here. Overall, this is a fairly decent three way split CD. Each band has a different style, so you'll never wonder exactly where you are on the disk.”

MetalNightmare webzine (USA) issue #19

“This is the debut release from Belarussian label Fatal Ecstasy and as far as initial releases go, this is very high quality. Pro-CD, 8 page booklet with nice artwork and design... And for the most part, goood music. Hellveto start the CD with their very ambient, fantasy orientated metal. It produces high quality sounds, but I was left untouched by L.O.N's music. It is described as being "True Pagan black metal" and I would take issue with this description. I don't doubt that Hellveto hold pagan beliefs, that is up to them, but since when does "true black metal" have more synths than guitars? This is not bad though, but not really my kind of thing, and not such a heavy sound with too many keys. Fans of bands such as Summoning may find value in this side of the split.

Phorcys - what a difference! I had never heard the name of this Belarussian's project but now I'm glad I spent some time listening to this! Music is a world away from dreary Hellveto, it blasts with intensity and conviction. Brutal Black Metal is the best description for the music of this swamp dwelling troll named Scarrot. I would say it's definately like classic era Mayhem with more than a pinch of "Domination" Morbid Angel; the detuned guitars and gargled vocal effect remind a lot of their song "Where the Slime Live". Sound quality, presentation and spirit is all without fault, especially when you consider that this is just a demo re-pressed on CD. This is diamond!

Forestdome have quite a hard act to follow but do it rather well; here we don't have anything original, just pure good old black metal б la "Under a Funeral Moon". Guitars are harsh and abrasive and play the classical tremolo picked riffs, the drums are awash with cymbals to give that perfect icy sound. I don't know how a band from a temperate country such as Spain can sound so damn cold; this sounds like it was recorded in a freezer!

This is a great split and at over 60 minutes any fan of UG black metal will find something interesting here. Phorcys are the best band on here, but Forestdome give them a run for their money; I will be watching both bands progression from now on; Hellveto I found to be superfluous to requirements, but who cares when you have these other two bands on board?”

Review by Jamie, Black Minds magazine (UK)

Excellent split, worthy of notice - 90%

This rather laboriously titled split is clearly carried by Hellveto; I can't imagine it being purchased with anything in mind but the Hellveto side (I certainly didn't) as the other two bands range from almost totally unknown (Forestdome) to the same minus the 'almost' (Phorcys). Hellveto's also the only band to have done anything since this split, so it might be an unfortunate epitaph to the two more obscure artists here.

The real surprise of this disc isn't the quality of the Hellveto tracks. Hellveto's excellence is even at this point in the project's career essentially guaranteed, and it doesn't change at all on that side of the split. The remarkable aspect is that the two other bands nearly give Hellveto a run for its money in quality. Phorcys' side is a great slab of music from a completely unknown group, and Forestdome's is extremely strong despite its more conventional style. This disc doesn't slouch for a moment and is definitely worth the time of any black metal fan.

Hellveto: The music on Hellveto's side of the split is most in line with a more riffy version of what would be found on the following full-length, 'Klatwa', which is in and of itself something of an extension of the band's second full-length, 'Zemsta'. The style is right in the center of Hellveto's catalog, not moving too far in the extreme misanthropic direction of 'In Arms Of Kurpian Phantom' or the ultra-folky, introspective work of albums like 'Medieval Scream'. It's also right in the middle of quality as far as Hellveto's work goes, not hitting the top few of his catalog but nowhere near the lowest either. The production is peculiarly clean and more immediate than most Hellveto works, making for a listening experience that might be a bit more accessible than most. It is, of course, in the natural vein of Hellveto's material: pagan metal with a pronounced orchestral backing. In this case, the orchestra and metallic instruments are more balanced than usual, rather than the orchestral elements taking precedence as usual.

The compositions are, per usual, incredibly strong, with 'Flame And Scream' standing out as a classic in the Hellveto catalog due to its overwhelming forcefulness via riffing and elaborate orchestral construction. The rest of the tracks are strong but fairly conventional Hellveto tracks that fall neatly in line with the rest of the band's lengthy catalog. Were it not on such an obscure release, it would be a great introduction to the band's overall sound, and so if you're looking to get into this project and manage to track this CD down, it's highly recommended. It's not a mandatory release from the project, but the hardcore Hellveto collectors out there will certainly want this split just for these give excellent tracks.

Phorcys: Perhaps the biggest surprise on this split is totally unknown Belarusian project Phorcys. This one-man endeavor plays a very brutal style of black/death metal with a pagan edge and an infatuation with samples of people weeping that makes for a bizarre and vaguely disquieting listening experience. Machinegun blast beats are provided by a drum machine which periodically moves in weird, off-kilter directions via shifting snare placement and deliberately awkward bass drums, which contrasts pretty strangely with the more conventional parts of the programming. The riffs are simple three or four-chord tremolo affairs that are more used for texture rather than a memorable melody line, and the vocals are a fairly simple, guttural growl. The overall delivery of the music is direct, and the song structures are thrashy in nature, with repeated riffs taking the place of lyric-driven choruses and verses.

The real reason that Phorcys' material is memorable isn't really a matter of songwriting, but more the pure violence of delivery. The drum machine is almost unbelievably in your face and not even remotely obscured in the mix; instead, the snare drum is constantly battering right into your ear to the point where it causes involuntary blinking. Vocals are similarly intense and immediate, and surprisingly, the guitars are probably the least important part of the compositions, lacking a lot of memorability in the riff department and really just providing another layer of semi-melodic noise. The music would still feel surprisingly complete if simply composed of vocals, drum machine, and omnipresent samples. The sort of brute strength of this music is an interesting contrast with the black metal riffing, at least in the regard that this isn't 'norsecore' as one would typically think of it. Phorcys seems to be a dead project at this point, but the material on this split seems a fitting epitaph for a band that seems to spit fire everywhere without a target in mind.

Forestdome: Concluding the split is this Spanish black metal horde who, rather unsurprisingly, resemble long-running act Primigenium greatly in construction and delivery. Fitting the typical mold of Spanish black metal where the style is a hodgepodge of just about every possible black metal direction, taking notes from old Norwegian artists as well as a bit from the suicidal, folk, and thrashy scenes, all wrapped up with a medieval tone, the music is a fairly conventional but not particularly trite foray into the nation's peculiar style of black metal which is recommended for those new to that community. Forestdome's music holds many references to the work of Primigenium: the occasional militaristic drumming, the relatively raw and guitar-dominated production, and the snarling vocals, and could in many ways be simply paired with that older act. Of course, despite the derivation, this means that it has most of that group's strengths: the powerful, evocative riffing, the vicious aggression, and the overall high standard of songwriting.

Forestdome is easily the most conventional artist on this split, but are extremely consistent and cohesive in their sound. Many of the riffs are memorable and linger in one's head for long after the CD is over, and the intensity of the instrumental and vocal performances are unmatched by most. Additionally, it has the epic touches that many Spanish black metal bands possess, which adds an extra dimension to the rather simple and primitive music. The atmospheric elements of this side are valuable to the overall compositions and the CD would suffer without them, and much of the charm of this side of the split is how relatively simple ideas are expanded upon through clever use of aesthetic.

Overall: A split should be: multiple quality artists each bringing something different to the table. The sounds range from the traditional to the highly experimental, but at no point does the release falter in quality. As another step in Hellveto's lengthy catalog and the epitaph of two other quality artists, this CD comes highly recommended to all black metal fans.”

Review by Noktorn


“Этот трехгранный сплит в полной мере отражает все сегодняшние направления блэк-метала, будь-то симфо-блэк, дэз-блэк или тру-блэк начала девяностых. С самого начала вас поработит величественность симфоничного польского блэк-акта HELVETTO, в котором один единственный человек сумел воплотить в жизнь идеи оркестровано-классической музыки и черного искусства. Возвышенность и атмосфера мне немного напомнила австрийский DORN, но тут все-таки давлеет идея блэка. Хотя, по большому счету, аналогий можно провести еще много… Вторая часть сплита - соло-проект PHORCYS человека из Минска. Некто Scarrot проявил себя крайне талантливым в использовании идей хоррор-дэз-блэка. Немного раздутые интро, множество переходов от быстрого темпа к медленному, продуманность в реализации общей музыкальной идеи. В целом, далеко не банальная работа, которую не часто встретишь на белорусской сцене. Чем-то даже напомнило ANCIENT RITES. Ну, и завершает более чем часовую программу четыре песни сырого языческого испанского блэка от FORESTDOME. Хрюкающий скриминг на фоне плотной гитарной и ритм-секции будто бы возвращает в прошлое – настолько ностальгично записаны инструменты и злость голоса. Надо признать, что на фоне релизов отечественных лейблов, данный расположился заметно выше остальных. Планка поднята на ощутимую высоту и успешно взята.”

Ариман, Metalfront webzine (Belarus)